Telkom uncapped?

Really, after so many years they realized that what Telkom offers is not real internet. It came as such a shock to those running the corporate fraud called Telkom that they decided that after about 15 years of complaints that it might be a good idea business wise to offer “uncapped” internet.

Actually they are just jealous because Mweb is making things work that they should of done long ago.

Telkom still sucks, even if they offer 10mb uncapped for R200, they still sucks as a company, almost like Google but not sucking at the same level.

Uncapped Internet Products Daytime Restrictions Internet Uncapped Price ADSL Line Price Combined Price Do Uncapped 384kbps
  • 6AM to 6PM: Up to 295kbps
  • 6AM to 10PM: Up to 354kbps
  • 10PM to 6AM: Up to 384kbps
  • No restriction on local traffic
R219 R152 R371 Do Uncapped 1Mbps
  • 6AM to 6PM: Up to 472kbps
  • 6AM to 10PM: Up to 767kbps
  • 10PM to 6AM: Up to 1Mbps
  • No restriction on local traffic
R369 R289 R658 Do Uncapped 4/10Mbps None R2,097 R413 R2,510

Getting rid of Google

Google is now officially the most evil company on the internet, well Google and Facebook is seeing who can mess up your internet the fastest by taking complete control of what you do.  They track who your friends are, your phone number, where you live, what you ate this morning then they sell those details to large corporations and in the end you become the product. Almost like slavery.

Google Analytics just revealed that they released a premium version of their most famous analytics. Helping webmasters to track their site visitors and Google to use your data at your own request.

Now days you log on to the internet and you find yourself checking your gmail, then you head of to webmaster tools and check out your stats along with Analytics. After that you go do socializing with Google+ and Facebook because if you don’t go to Google+ then Google might just kill off your site because your site has no +1’s, just like preprimary school. If don’t obey the teacher you get no star for your work.

Now, lets get rid of that big lice called Google and then maybe we can focus on Facebook.

First of all, get rid of Analytics and control your own data, your own search results and you keep your own stats. Sure the evil Google has a way of tracking you with cookies and other means but at least you starting somewhere.

Google Analytics can easily be replaced with open source software, namely Piwik Analytics. This is the Google Analytics alternative and once you learn how to use it you wont head back to GA.



You can find Piwik right here

Using Google is like someone stabbing you in the arm with a steak knife but you continue using it because the knife apparently works great.

Oh, once you track all your sites with Piwik remember to do a lice scan and remove Google Analytics from your sites, otherwise those friendly people with their colourful logo will continue using you as the product.


Now, Lets move on to the Google Adsense. Yep, that is the main income of Google as far as I know. Lets cut off Achilles’ heel. Remove Adsense from your sites is the biggest step in knocking out Goliath with that small stone. There are loads of other ways to make money on the internet, especially local advertisers that if you write good content are more than willing to advertise and guess what. If you get a real person to advertise you wont have those annoying “no one really works at Google” problems because you will have a real person to speak to.

The best advertising for your site is a local sponsor and if you cant get a local sponsor your blog is not the quality yet it should be.


Gtalk. Google talk is easy to setup, easy to use but guess what. Google owns it and if they own it that means you are the product. Its free after all and when a product is free then you are the product, except off course if it is open source and I am not sure but I really don’t think Gtalk is open source.

Next up is Gmail. The big one because most people use gmail, once again easy to setup, free, you are the product they sell. Get yourself a email program like Outlook express or even better, Thunderbird might not have all the functions but its free, free as in pigeon poo. Use Thunderbird and get yourself another email address. Setup gmail to also come in and every time you see a email come in from gmail you have to find out where you signed up with that email and change it to your new email.

Slowly but surely over time you will free yourself from Google.

There are loads of ways to get rid of the evil Google but we’ll just start with these few tips.

The new Facebook layout


Usually you have “most recent” and “Top News” on your Facebook profile but now that will all change. Facebook is moving to a new layout that lets you see everything you’ve missed but not anything you’ve seen for days.

See the images:

Government changes stance on Swineflu quickly

Last night a spokesperson for the government of South Africa said they trust that other countries would take the steps required and they have full trust in other countries that they will screen people.

That means, South Africa basically done nothing to protect its citizens from the Swine flu.


Today though, that stance has been changed and they are now actively trying to do something about swineflu.

Spokesperson Themba Maseko said:

Although no cases have been reported in South Africa, South Africans should neither panic nor become complacent. Our health authorities and all our officials, especially in all ports of entry, are ready to handle any cases of the deadly flu.


But there are now fears of Swineflu after someone close to Pretoria is suspected of having swineflu.


Widgetbucks change their mind, now serving the rest of the world

Widgetbucks probably got some bad report for removing the payment of non Us countries on their ads. That means when someone clicked on the ads or viewed the ads and they were not from the Us you did not get paid. It was not like that from the beginning but I guess after they held back money and annoyed so many bloggers by not giving them their money that they already earned through non Us traffic before they Widgetbucks changed their minds they had to do something. So this is their new stragedy which is not that bad I think. " International CPM Ads Here’s an upcoming feature. In early December, we will start serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic. This will give you revenue, per impression, for your site visitors who come from other countries. This is designed to help publishers who have a blend of traffic from a variety of countries. Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we’ll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries). You’ll see a new column, called "CPM Revenue" in your earnings reports. We’re also working on pay-per-click arrangements with global merchants, but those will take longer to implement. We’re glad to deliver a way for you to monetize almost all of your traffic in December. Please check our blog at for further updates on this." Straight from the mouth of Widgetbucks.