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Telkom uncapped?

Really, after so many years they realized that what Telkom offers is not real internet. It came as such a shock to those running the corporate fraud called Telkom that they decided that after about 15 years of complaints that…

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Getting rid of Google

Google is now officially the most evil company on the internet, well Google and Facebook is seeing who can mess up your internet the fastest by taking complete control of what you do.  They track who your friends are, your…

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The new Facebook layout

Usually you have “most recent” and “Top News” on your Facebook profile but now that will all change. Facebook is moving to a new layout that lets you see everything you’ve missed but not anything you’ve seen for days. See…

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Government changes stance on Swineflu quickly

Last night a spokesperson for the government of South Africa said they trust that other countries would take the steps required and they have full trust in other countries that they will screen people.

That means, South Africa basically done nothing to protect its citizens from the Swine flu.


Today though, that stance has been changed and they are now actively trying to do something about swineflu.

Spokesperson Themba Maseko said:

Although no cases have been reported in South Africa, South Africans should neither panic nor become complacent. Our health authorities and all our officials, especially in all ports of entry, are ready to handle any cases of the deadly flu.


But there are now fears of Swineflu after someone close to Pretoria is suspected of having swineflu.