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Julius Malema will be president of South Africa soon

Thats how things go in South Africa, Julius Malema is about to go to jail according to the news. Now all of a sudden the so called hawks is interested in him, what about when he was in the ANC? Yeah they were apparently investigating him like they do so many other ANC member but this one, now, he lost his corruption passport since he is no longer a ANC member.

Maybe he is taking lessons from old Nelson. First you go to jail, then you pass your woodwork then you become president. Although old Nelson didnt really need to pass the woodwork i guess.

Just interesting that not even a week after stirring up the mining industry Julius might be having is own luxury apartment in jail soon. Then there is also the incitement charge, i guess inciting people to kill white people is not a crime in South Africa but inciting the mines to go on strike is because he’s been inciting against white people for a while now and even had the ANC defending him.

Dysfunctional system this one.

I wonder if Julius really will become president somehow. Doubt it. It just wouldn’t be in the corporations that run the country’s best interest.  Take for example Shell.

Did you see what Shell did Nigeria? How else would they of gotten that right without a completely dysfunctional government. Sort of what it would be like when Julius gets his president shorts. Ok maybe i just proved that theory wrong. Maybe they want Malema as president so they can suck the country dry of resources while everyone focuses on trying to survive the next Zimbabwe.

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No service delivery? Yeah, lets burn down the services that there are already

This is the classic South African herd mentality. In South Africa there is a common belief that if you burn down something you will get a better one. I guess this is why we cant have nice things in the first place. In the Northern Cape school are on strike because they get no services, best idea they can come up with is then to burn down the school.

I bet you will see the same people complain because of no education or no schools, what if they built it up instead of begging for everything. Just shows how the ANC government trained the masses to beg for basic things and not try and get it themselves.


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Right wing website?

On this blog I try to only post facts. If those facts are wrong or not accurate I’ll delete them. The other day I saw this website call my blog a “right wing” website. What makes this blog a right…

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So much for democracy

Its more like democrazy in South Africa. The illusion of a democracy is slowly fading away. This could clearly be seen yesterday at the DA March in Johannesburg where on their way to Cosatu’s palace the DA received more than…

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Cope calls for non racial party, raises the bar with Afrikaans speaking people

Today was the big cope meeting everyone has been waiting for and surely its been a surprise to many. I for one did not even think Terror Lekota could speak Afrikaans but apparently he can, and he can also sing it.

He called for the new party namely the Congress of the people to start speaking Afrikaans as well and also sing the part of the national anthem that is in Afrikaans.

Can the Congress of the People really be a non racial party? If so they stand a much better chance of winning the general elections according to me.

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