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As long as its not in the US right?

Those clever people at NASA sure think about the US, who cares if the 6ton satellite fall in the middle of Cape Town CBD, as long as it does not fall in the US. How is it that people can predict exactly what planets billions of kilometers from here is made of and what the trajectory is for a asteroid or comet that is years away but NASA can predict where exactly this fridge will hit the earth?

If you dont know what i’m talking about, there is a 6 1/2 ton space junk heading to somewhere on earth this week or next week. Yes, if they dont mess up earth enough they will mess up space as well for us, those fat Americans.

The satellite that is going to fall is the 6.5ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite or UARS that was launched back in 1991 and is about to haunt someone.

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