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Another “Elenin is next to the sun” video

Here is another video of Comet Elenin supposedly being next to the sun. This video was taken today or rather uploaded today as you can see on the date of the video. I’ve watched many of those “Elenin is next to the sun” videos but this one seems to be real, what i mean is that this does not look like a lens flair. The most obvious reason is you can see the object (whatever it is) moving away from the sun.

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Cheyenne Mountain cancels military leave for 9/27/2011

Either this is the biggest date of coincidence or something is coming this way. So many coincidences at once seem to become planned. I might be wrong but the entire Cheyenne Mountain cancelled military leave for all their personnel. I only have the word of this guy but I think he knows what he is talking about. So Obama has a bunker drill around the same date, Elenin is on what people claim to be the eclipse point and the Jewish New year begins as well of course the Feast of Trumpets for Christians. So many coincidences at once.

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Elenin approaching between earth and the Sun

This video turned out to be really interesting. I’m not sure if that is Elenin but there is a weird square on the Soho image that normally dont appear there. What i mean is, this is the first time i personally have seen a square on a Soho image blocking out something behind. Accident or on purpose? I dont know, just watch the video.

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Is Elenin next to the Sun?

There are many reports today that Elenin is near the sun, or rather next to the sun. As far as I know this is Venus but I’m no expert in the subject of space. I’ve watched a few of these videos and there is definately something next to the sun. I am not sure what that is exactly.

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Timelines and Elenin on the South Pole Mawson station webcam

I dont know if these time lines are relevant but so far so many things are just “coincidence”. For instance, Obama will be in his bunker on the 27th, Elenin will supposedly cause a eclipse also on that date because the comet or as some theories claim, the planet will move between the earth and the sun. Then there is the book of Revelation in the Bible that has i think Revelation 12 talking about the Sun and the moon and what sounds like a asteroid rain after a comet etc.

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