Trying out the new Kubuntu

The new Kubuntu is out, not the official version but I think its alpha. Still, its great. I am a big fan of Gnome but I thought why not give KDE a try. I have’nt really worked on KDE since pclinuxos 0.92

Browsing around and opening programs are really fast. It might just be my imagination but its open and click. Now waiting.

The design and the theme almost reminds me of PClinuxos, my other favourite linux distro. Something that is new to me is the Adept Installer. I think its great as well. I quickly went to it and found firefox 3. So I am writing this while I am installing Firefox 3. I was also suprised to see that you can install Firefox 3 with Adblock firefox extension.

The background seems a bit overwhelming but i as I am typing this i am getting used to it. Kubuntu is brilliant. Same as the normal Ubuntu.

Just a quick post.

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