Two most important tools for survival – Survival tips.

The two most important tools for survival is obvious but through out history one can see just how important these two things are. Without these two tools life in the wild or field would be way harder.

The items I am talking about is for survival. When in the field or wild and you depend on nature to provide the ways to get those resources from nature is not always that easy.

The first thing I am talking about is the waterbottle. Without the waterbottle you wont be able to carry water which is a important part of moving out of the wild if you are in a emergency situation.

The second thing is a knife. You can use your survival knife to do most things in the wild. From building your hut to hunting and protecting yourself against wild animals. Being without a survival knife will just make you tired doing the things you could do with it but if you dont have a survival knife you are stuck.

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