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This is not aimed at anyone specific, I am just talking about blogs in general. Just for fun This is all the types of bloggers I can think of. There might be more, if you can think of more types of bloggers please add them in the comments. I guess I can fit myself in each of these categories sometimes

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This is not aimed at anyone specific, I am just talking about blogs in general. Just for fun This is all the types of bloggers I can think of. There might be more, if you can think of more types of bloggers please add them in the comments. I guess I can fit myself in each of these categories sometimes


The personal personal blogger This is the type of blogger that always talks about themselves and gets 100’s of comments where they continue to write either about them self or each other. This is the type of blog where you even get uncomfortable browsing by, almost as if you are interupting a intemit conversation. When you comment you look like a beggar trying to take their food.


The hope for the best faker This is one of those make money blogs but they always use blogspot because they cant afford a domain. This type of blogger brags about how much money he would like to make in the hopes that you read it and click on his ads. This type is also the type of blogger that will give you 100s of ways to brand your blog but does not even have a logo yet.


The over excited gladiator This one wants to take over the internet. If you are not careful they will swallow your blog up and write 100 ways you can improve you footer. This type is on every social network talking about his site. Hoping that someone would find the same enthusiasm as he does in his own site.


The vain drain This one tells you how much money he makes and how successful he is. Usually has 100’s of little worshipper bloggers as a croud in his comments. He never helps anyone else and always writes about himself. The one thing he never does is tell anyone how he does it. Also he is the type of guy that you wont see commenting on your blog because he is just to important to be part of someone else’s community. Exept for cash though. This type can be bought and you can never trust anything they say.


The smiling blogger Never a dull moment, even when the site crashes, they will just install it and continue as if nothing happened. They have no goal they would like to achieve but they keep on blogging in hopes something great happens. Which it does, almost everyday. This is the type of blogger that will show you how to make $1 and trust me he wont be joking. Take him serious and you might just end up following 500 reasons why blogging is so nice even though you make no money.


The sugar free leech This is the type that will blog as much as they dont have to do any work. They make lists and repeat the same point on no 1, 7, 8, 20 , 100 etc. They will make you excited about another blog post on a other blog and expect your comment on their blogs. This is not the hard workers, they dont drink coffee and are in bed by 8 after checking their splog status on Adsense.


The coffee canner This type of blogger you will see their site updating 4am when you are about to switch your computer off. They blog constantly never taking a break. If you just mention something and hint for a idea they immediately blog about it, and before you know it you see it on all social bookmarking site’s frontpages. They dont care if anyone is reading they just cant stop because of all the coffee and caffeine they consume


The faxmachine You blog about something, they blog about the same thing. You write 10 points they take 9 and start their own post. They never give credit to anyone else. You can ask them for a guest post but you’d better have a lawyer because you cant always guarantee that it’s not someone else’s content.


The ass crawler This type is recognised by just looking at their blogrolls. They have John Chow, Problogger, shoemoney in their blog rolls and call them friends. They constantly link to big blogs in the hopes of some recognition and not getting any. Their best friends are the


The hope for the best faker type and they would be there as well but its way easier trying to get the attention from people who have worked their way up already ( Not referring to John Chow.)


The friend This is the type of blogger I like. They are friendly and they have real lives. Even if they sit in front of their computers all day like I do. This type of blogger has common sense and always replys to your comments without always agreeing. The type of person you would really enjoy a conversation with in real life if they were not on the other side of the planet. The type of person you can have a roast with. The friend types are actually real friends if you think about it. They might not be your "friend" friend by they are still friends. With this blogger you help each other’s blogs grow, you submit their posts to social networks as they do the same. Who needs to explain friends?


Anyway I was just having a bit of fun. Thinking about bloggers I have met and known. If I comment on your blog and you comment on my blog please dont get me wrong. I am not talking about you. I have blogging friends and I wont classify you as anything else as the friend type. I am just talking in general. I hope you like this post, be sure to subscribe to the rss feed since I joined Feedburner today after a long time of not using it. If you like this post blablablablabla you know what you want to do with it. If you dont, then dont. Thank you for reading.

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    I fit into more than one of those categories dependant upon my mood for the day, One thing I don’t do is copy and paste other peoples stuff. That just stinks.

    PS I don’t see fromtheold on http://100sa.co.za
    Are you not a South African Blogger?

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    I hereby declare myself 1 of at least 4 of those categories. Except you left one out : soon to be famous journalist much like Borat, but only with boobs.


    Nice post hunni bunni.

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    haha. This is actually a good list!

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    Nice and funny. Pretty much dead on with some of those blogs I’ve seen while browsing. I have to be a coffee canner hehe. Posting at 4am and don’t really care much if anyone is reading.

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    I think I’m an over excited smiling gladiator blogger. I’m not too stressed about my blog, If it works or doesn’t work.

    I like to share with people and write what I’m passionate about.

    Thanks for that. 🙂

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