Types of Contraception/ Birth control – Condoms for woman

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female_condomThis one is a bit strange to me. It works the same as a traditional condom for men. It looks similar just bigger with a circular rubber thingy at the end. Main difference it is inserted into the vagina.

how_use_female_condomThere isn’t much I can say except it has a couple of differences than the male condom. Let me stick to the differences. It is a non latex product. It can be inserted up to 8hours prior to intercourse, so there is no interruption of the sex play. It has a couple of let downs it’s awkward to insert and use. Sometimes it makes sounds during sex. Plus it’s expensive for something you can only use once. Some woman complain that it’s visible and makes them uncomfortable.

The main problem with this birth control is that it’s just not that effective. Even though the case studies shows that it’s just as effective as male condoms but when they did the real-world test it shows it’s not. This is probably something I would never do. Even though it’s said to feel better during sex than a traditional condom to me to have that in me would make me way to nervous to have sex. As I said before and probably say many times each person is difference.

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