War between Israel and Gaza

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hamas_rocketsI do not understand why everyone is concentrating on the fact that Israel attacked Gaza. Think carefully if this was for example the United states of America and Mexico kept shooting missiles over the border and sending in suicide bombers, there would be a wall up in a week and they would declare war on Mexico. Same could be said for any country.

So why is Israel being blamed for trying to defend it’s people? Hamas do not want to share Israel, they want it under Muslim rule, they want to own the whole country. It’s not like they give Israelis a choice. Hamas will not stop they are determined that Israel must once again be a Muslim nation. And that can never be done because if that would happen the whole of Israel would be destroyed.

Think about what happened to those Buddhist statues that was blown up because according to Muslim law such things should be destroyed. Israel will defend itself until the last Israeli and Hamas would do the same Hamas’s law prohibit that they share the land with Jews and Christians, this is not about Gaza being sectioned of from Israel. They where separated because they kept blowing up people and bringing terror into Israel. Not because Israel is racist and mean. There would be no peace in that part of the world for a long time, the rest of the world should just leave it be.

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