War with blogging, Akismet made me spam.

First of all, Akismet has marked my comments as spam. I have left some great comments on blogs and they never appear. So if you have Akismet installed I will only try once to comment on your blog unfortunately I wont be going back to a blog where i cant communicate. Except of course if you show my comments like Blogosis( has a great competition) who actually takes the time to find comments that are not spam. Akismet really sucks with this. I have not read up about them or anything but if they block me( I honestly do not spam) I wonder how many other people they are blocking that’s posting great comments.

I have emailed them but I am still waiting for a reply. I refuse to use other details.

On the other hand I got to lazy to blog and started posting a bit of everything on my blog. If you have been blogging for some time now you will notice that it does happen to anyone. You blog and blog and then one day you get tired of all the blogging and you just want to have fun. I guess half my readers are gone by now but it does not matter, I will blog for those who stick around then.

I have about 200 affiliates that I want to blog about , places that you can register and make money from or with your blog. My search engine optimization techniques are slowly starting to work as well, getting more traffic from search engines now than ever before but I guess that might just be because I obviously have more content now.

I also found another great South African blogger Clement Nyirenda

He has been leaving some great comments on my blog recently and I just want to thank him.

Also, my pagerank has vanished but that does not matter because as I said i get more traffic now than ever from search engines.

Tip of the day: Increase those tags. Trust me.

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