Was Rudolf Kittel a Nazi like his son Gerhard Kittel?

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Rudolf Kittel’s son was a Nazi. We all know the story behind it, his son was tried and convicted of war crimes and also wrote the “Nazi bible”. His name was Gerhard Kittel.

But was Rudolf Kittel a Nazi? There is actually no evidence that supports this theory, not quotes, no evidence at all. So we really shouldnt misquote and attack Rudolf Kittel for being a Nazi if we have no evidence. However, that is not to say his Hebrew Old Testament was accurate or even near accurate. That however is the not the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this post is to say that Rudolf Kittel should’nt be called a Nazi if he really was’nt a Nazi.

I’m not defending any of his writings or his translation of scriptures. I’m only saying there is no evidence to say he was a Nazi.

Oh and really, grow up, there is not big difference between Rudolph Kittel and Rudolf Kittel. Sure some people misspell his name, probably because most encyclopedias spell his name Rudolf instead of Rudolph.

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