Ways to Find a Niche You Can Truly Blog About


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There are a few ways to find out what you would be good at blogging about. Blogging takes time. Articles need to really express your knowledge. Good blogging comes from people who know their topics. But it

6 thoughts on “Ways to Find a Niche You Can Truly Blog About

  1. Good post. I started with the eclectic blog, and found I was better at writing about internet marketing because I tried things myself and made my own opinions. I still write about sports, diet, and other topics, but only when things are slow.

  2. Hi Saphrym, I have seen your blog once or twice and admit to enjoying it. I blog about the web and Photography because they are over traded and I am stupid, seriously I blog about them because its what I enjoy.

  3. Hi Saphrym. First time visitor via your dropped entrecard on me. I didn’t see an email subscription option here. Do you have one? My desktop is crammed and I tend to forget to check my readers and prefer email notifications when a blog is updated so I can go from there. Just wondering…..Peace…….T

  4. Great article. I particularly like the advice about starting a eclectic blog that covers many topics. I started my blog on personal development, and I still consider it the main theme. However, I’ve found myself writing more posts on education and lesson planning for teachers, and that seems to generate the most response from search engine queries. It’s kinda like slinging some mud and seeing what sticks. And I think that is why it is also important to make sure you like/ care what you are writing about.

  5. Thanks guys! Yeah, I’m doing mostly dieting posts on my blog right now because that’s what drew in the crowd and I have something to blog about every day. However, I also like to blog about other stuff and will soon branch it out. I mean, there’s only so much weight one person can lose. 😉

  6. Most definitely, it is important to first write about a topic you are passionate about. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy what you are doing and it wouldn’t feel like such a pain. And, i think that, as you go along, you can add a few more topics that you enjoy as well, as long as you don’t run away from your main niche.

    Great Post Saphrym!!

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