What new testament books are in the bodmer papyrus

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The Papyrus Bodmer is quite the collection of manuscripts. Starting with bodmer papyrus II we have almost the entire book of John. That is the gospel of John. This manuscript according to most “scholars” is Alexandrian text type probably because its old.

I know I said almost complete but John 2-5 is missing as well as John 7-14 and most after this is just scattered bits. The date as determined by … I dont know how they determined the date to be honest. Obviously it doesnt contain the pericope of the adulteress because John 7-14 is missing. Also known as Papyrus 66

Next we have Bodmer V which contains Proverbs 1:1-21:4. Its dated 5th century.

Then there is Papyrus Bodmer VII-IX. It contains 1 and 2 Peter and the book of Jude. It also contains Psalms 33 and 34.Manuscript also known as Papyrus 72. This is the earliest account of Jude being 3rd century

Bodmer X contains the Epistle of Corinthians to Paul and Third Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians and dates 3th century.

Papyrus Bodmer XIV contains parts of Luke, 3rd century

Papyrus Bodmer XV contains parts of John 3rd century XV and XIV is also known as Papyrus 75. Agrees with Codex Vaticanus.

Papyrus Bodmer XVII is dated 7th century and according to Wikipedia contains the following:

The surviving texts are verses: Acts 1:2-28:31 †; James 1:1-5:20 †; 1 Peter 1:1-2,7-8,13,19-20,25; 2:6-7,11-12,18,24; 3:4-5; 2 Peter 2:21; 3:4,11,16; 1 John 1:1,6; 2:1-2,7,13-14,18-19,25-26; 3:1-2,8,14,19-20; 4:1,6-7,12,18-19; 5:3-4,9-10,17; 2 John 1,6-7,13; 3 John 6,12; Jude 3,7,11-12,16,24

Bodmer XXIV contains Psalms 17:46 to 117:44 and is dated 4th century

Bodmer XLVI — Daniel 1:1-2

Papyrus Bodmer L  Matthew 25-26; 7th century

Bodmer III — John 1:1-21:25; Genesis 1:1-4:2; 4th century

Bodmer VI — Proverbs 1:1-21:4; 4th/5th century

Bodmer XVI — Exodus 1:1-15:21; 4th century

Bodmer XVIII — Deuteronomium 1:1-10:7; 4th century

Bodmer XIX — Matthew 14:28-28:20; Romans 1:1-2:3; 4th/5th century

Bodmer XXI — Joshua 6:16-25; 7:6-11:23; 22:1-2; 22:19-23:7; 23:15-24:2; 4th century

Bodmer XXII (Mississippi Codex II) — Jeremiah 40:3-52:34; Lamentations; Epistle of Jeremiah; Book of Baruch; 4th/5th century

Bodmer XXIII — Isajah 47:1-66:24; 4th century

Bodmer XL — Song of Songs

Bodmer XLI — Acta Pauli; 4th century

Bodmer XLII — 2 Corinthians

Bodmer XLIV — Book of Daniel

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