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1. Figure out what your blog is about and make it clear to others People that know you might want to read your personal stuff about your dog and your slippers. Even regular readers wont mind if something is off topic but if you advertise your blog, those people dont know you and if they cant figure out why they are visiting your site you have just lost the point in advertising. Just remember the reason you advertise your blog is to reach a goal and also get a bit of visitors as a bonus.


2. What is your goal If you dont have a goal stop right there. You dont need to advertise if you dont have a goal. Heck you dont even need to blog if you dont have a goal. But if your goal is traffic from advertising in newspapers and magazines you need to have some linkbait. You cant just advertise and write nice stuff about who you are because people dont care who you are. Your goal needs to have a few points to it. Maybe you want to increase advertisers on your blog but then you have to advertise with the advertising as the link bait. Something like: "Get your site seen by thousands of whatever people in your niche." Get the picture? Not having a goal and advertising with nothing to reach will in the first place not be useful and will show you no results. I guess you should get the drift by now.


3. Show your best posts on the front page All your posts might not be that great, maybe like all my posts arent great but if you want to advertise make sure you can put your best posts on the front page. If you cant then you can always get a magazine theme for wordpress. Most of them allow you to promote your best posts to the front page.


4. Keep at least one advertising space open You might have a great blog but if you advertise make another space for when people come to your blog. You might get some new advertisers. Mostly when people have no extra advertising space they skip asking or inquiring about advertising. Some people might disagree with this but you can leave your comment.


5. Local If you advertise local but you have a international blog, explain to people what the benefit is of advertising or visiting your blog. Display a small banner displaying the area you live in. Those who visit your blog might feel more comfortable and familiar about the fact that you feel close to them. Dont ask, this really works.


6. Contact Make sure your contact page works, if you advertise and you need people to contact you, you must provide a way other than leaving in your comments. I dont have one now but whenever advertising I make sure people can find me and know where to contact me. Well…. not where to find but where to contact.


7. Shop If you have a shop make sure people can see it and that it is part of your site and not some foreign page that looks entire different from your blog. Also get your shop ready and make it clear what you sell by advertising some products on your frontpage. This does not always work. Depends on the blog you have. There is probably tons of other things you can do but I just wanted to share these. Be sure to join the feed or leave a comment. Thanks for visiting.

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