Why i dont buy an Ipad 3

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The Ipad3 is now available in South Africa, just this week Nashua mobile said they have the thing available for on contract or cash. The thing is, I dont or wont buy an ipad for the simple reason that it is not lasting. Now let me explain what i mean with that. With lasting i mean they dont bring out an Ipad and there it is, no they have to bring out the first one then buy the time you have enough cash for the 1st one then there is a second. By the second one if you dont buy it you probably really want it so you save up for the second one by the time you have just enough cash to buy the second Ipad then guess what. Ipad3 comes out.

There you sit with your brand new Ipad 2 while thinking you wish you had an Ipad 3 but I bet you by the time you got enough spare cash for number 3 then the next one will probably be out. That is what i mean with a lasting product. Unlike the Ipad.

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