Widgetbucks change their mind, now serving the rest of the world

Widgetbucks probably got some bad report for removing the payment of non Us countries on their ads. That means when someone clicked on the ads or viewed the ads and they were not from the Us you did not get paid. It was not like that from the beginning but I guess after they held back money and annoyed so many bloggers by not giving them their money that they already earned through non Us traffic before they Widgetbucks changed their minds they had to do something. So this is their new stragedy which is not that bad I think. " International CPM Ads Here’s an upcoming feature. In early December, we will start serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic. This will give you revenue, per impression, for your site visitors who come from other countries. This is designed to help publishers who have a blend of traffic from a variety of countries. Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we’ll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries). You’ll see a new column, called "CPM Revenue" in your earnings reports. We’re also working on pay-per-click arrangements with global merchants, but those will take longer to implement. We’re glad to deliver a way for you to monetize almost all of your traffic in December. Please check our blog at http://widgetbucks.blogspot.com for further updates on this." Straight from the mouth of Widgetbucks.

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