You dont need to buy expensive to be minimalist

People that are new to minimalism often think you must have the newest Ipad, Iphone and the newest gadgets. Like Minimalism is a Apple showroom or something.

Well, that is not what minimalism should be about, look at Ghandi, had a wooden spoon and a few old flip flops. Minimalism is not about wanting the fancy flat laptops or the newest specialty bedding or gadgets that compact your other gadgets into one.

Sure these things are useful and if you go on the path chasing after expensive minimalist gadgets you might as well go on the path of things in general and more things in your life.

Minimalism should be about having less of the things that are in your way and more in the way of having stuff that are worth keeping and that are useful to you.

If you cant afford a Apple something such as an Ipad or whatever, there are cheaper options and if they do the trick or task, who cares if they are a fraction of the price?

If something does the task you need it to do, you don’t need something more expensive for the sake of brands. Quality makes a difference but sometimes you pay more for the brand than the quality you get.

Imagine working out quality per dollar, i’m sure certain things we buy we get a lot less quality per dollar than if we bought something cheaper that does the same task.


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