This blog and 2018

If you’ve ever read this blog between 2006 and 2017 you would of noticed a lot of things about politics and even some posts that didnt make any sense as I targed and tried to test SEO tactics.

In 2010 (i think it was) this blog single handedly broke major news such as tsunamis, earthquakes, shootings in the US and even Eugene Terreblanche murdered on his farm . Sometime in 2017 more than 10 000 posts were deleted as they were either junk or random crap that didnt matter anyways.

No one actually reads the blog anymore , not that i know of since comments were disabled anyways.

To the point.

From 2018 i’m going to write about crypto currencies, markets, stock market and probably a bit about the rand and trading as a rookie or a “noob”.

Thus from henceforth will be more about trading and a bit of that ancient history stuff i started the site for in the first place.

So if anyone actually reads this. Well i guess happy new year.

(Also, the reason i continue to write even if i have no idea if anyone is reading is because i like it.)