Crime in South Africa is racist

I thought about how to write the title of this blog post and I came to the best title namely Crime in South Africa is racist because this sums up best what I want to say.

If a black person in South Africa commits a crime against a white person then there is zero media outrage, its not even reported in the news anymore. Everyone would just say this is crime.

Well, fair enough. Lets say that all black on white “crime” stays as such. A crime.

Now, take for example a white person doing a “crime” against a black person. This will instantly be labeled racist. A white person can not do crime against a black person because it will always be called racist.

Every single time a white guy does something that one would consider a crime he is labeled a racist.

Take for instance the other day when a farm worker stole a tractor and eventually he was shot.

The media, the government and all of the social justice warrior twitter hopped on the bandwagon to call the person that shot the thief a racist.

Later on it was discovered that it was not the farmer that shot the tractor thief but someone from a security company. This after certain ministers of the South African government already named the event a racist crime.

If black on white crime is just crime and not racist, then why is every white person that commits a crime instantly a racist as well?

As people would like to point out constantly, its only crime in South Africa, everyone is affected. Sure, then stop calling white people commiting crimes racist. Except of course if there is clear evidence that in fact that they are indeed racist. Which in that case, bring out the pitchforks.


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