Fights already break out at water collection points

A fight broke out in Cape Town at one of the water springs and one person was arrested.
Apparently the fight broke out because of congestion and the neighborhood was not in the best of moods because of it.

This is long before even the Dayzero arrives. If people are already fighting about the water then we are up for a wild ride. This drought in Cape Town might just test the fabric of what Cape Town is really made of.

Imagine thousands of people standing in the hot sun just for a bit of water, there will be push ins, people will try and cut the queue and other problems.

Then there is the issue of parking, the reason it seems this fight broke out.

During the elections the whole country seems to be able to vote without major problems but getting that sort of organization for the water sources on a daily basis will not be that easy.

Not voting wont kill you but the lack of water definitely will.

Some shops in Cape Town are already left empty of their water stocks after people are chasing to the shops in order to buy the water and prepare for disaster and most probably a shtf scenario.


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