The sphinx of Eqypt

The stellar in front of the sphinx says that the sphinx marks the first time.
Zeptepi. The time when the gods walked the earth.

So why would the stellar say that the first time is marked by a Lion or the sphinx?
Actually what we do know if we look at the sphinx we clearly see a animal structure with the head of a human.
We asume that the animal is that of a lion, and of course it is clearly.

The first time or Zep tepi cant really be summed up in one paragraph. If we try it would go along the lines of out of nothing came something.
Like the beginning in Genesis of the bible or as in Norse mythology when the void was there and nothing else.

No one really knows when the first time was, the Chandogya Upanishad part of the Hindu sacret text the creation of the world is described as an egg where the Vedas says a creator made the universe.
In the Rig Vedait says the universe was created from a sacrificed man, a cosmic man named Purusha.

What did the egyptians mean by Zep Tepi?

The lion is represented by the procession of the equonaox, Robert Bauval explained that the lion (leo) would of matched up with what most people know as the Leo starsign, or rather the age of Leo.

On the spring equinox the sun rises in alignment with the sphinx.
According to graham hancock the sphinx is the marker for the equinox.

Graham hancock: 10500bc the sphinx glazed at the lion in the sky. Orion.

The sphinx is an equinox marker hence pointing at the lion in the sky. This is not something i figured out but wise men such as the above mentioned.

If we look at the modern excavations and new findings on the Sphinx we really hit a brick wall when it comes to people such as zahi hawass.

zahi hawass , well lets not talk about one of the biggest issues Egyptology today faces.

Back to the Sphinx. The Sphinx has a hole in it’s head. The hole was sealed up and if you can find some of the rare photos that still exist you can clearly see the hole in the head and that the hole in the head of the Sphinx was covered just a few years ago.

The thoeries of how deep the tunnel in the Sphinx goes can go up for speculation or if you think Zahi Hawass will speak the truth, try that. I doubt you’ll get a clear answer from that guy.

On the side of the sphinx is another tunnel. In one videos of Zahi Hawass spread around the internet one could clearly see the hole, the inside of the hole has one brick side and 3 rough or dirt sides. Someone must of built those bricks recently, that is my theory.