Day zero is coming and there will be no water

What happens when Cape Town runs out of water? Has this ever happened?

No one knows how Easter island got wiped out although there are many theories. I’m not sure if anyone has ever checked if they had clear nice drinking water.

According to news around the globe, Cape Town will be the first city in the world to run out of water.

Apart from being thirsty I suppose the biggest problem there will be is sanitation. The stink would be unimaginable. The stink in squater camps will be even worse, people living so close to each other and no where for the shit to go.

Then there are the lines of people standing in queues to get water, if the queues get long enough what then? Will there be fights and riots?

Also to note is, it really is easy to go to the shop and just buy a bottle of water. The price might increase and a lot of people would still be able to afford it but then there are those that cant. What will they do?

I’m sure the city of Cape Town puts squaters first, before the tax paying citizens. You know like most disfunctional cities in today’s world does.

Squaters and poor people might suffer the worst though because they cant buy water or cooldrink obviously due to the lack of money and if these people have to stand in the queue for water it would not be because they have to flush their toilets, it would be because mostly probably they are thirsty. Hopefully this type of scenario wont happen but imagine standing in a queue because you can litterally find water nowhere or cant afford a cooldrink.

Then depending on the time of day, when these water queues will be who knows how hot it might be outside.

Sounds like a big mess. 3 days till anarchy is the rule.


Patricia de Lille and the Cape Town drought tax

Sure you might say now we need to have a drought tax for whatever thing you can come with.

Patricia de Lille went directly for the truth of why the city of Cape Town thinks we need to pay more tax. She said

The drought charge is needed to make up the deficit in the City’s revenue which has come about due to residents’ water savings and paying significantly less for water and sanitation.

So, because you use less water the city of Cape Town gets less money and now they have to increase the price to pay their bills.

She continues

The reality is that because of reduced consumption, the City’s Water and Sanitation Department has projected that it will see a deficit in the region of R1,7 billion for 2017/18.

Well then…

This is the fairest way to recover the City’s revenue shortfall by distributing the charge in such a way that those who can afford it will pay an amount based on their properties’ valuation.

Basically. You people that have houses and pay taxes will have to suffer because the city of Cape Town wants to give the shacks and people that come to Cape Town, pay no tax and live here, these people will obviously not pay a cent.
The hard working home owner will just have to pay the extra tax so that the city of Cape Town can continue to be a wellfare system.