Silver almost hits 16.75 on Etoro and people are freaking out

People are raging on etoro today after the price of silver dropped significantly. Some claim however that the price dropped further on etoro than on other platforms.

While its ok to freak out about the a platform messing with the price, you have to make sure that this is the case.

On Plus500 the price of silver did the same

Also on Oanda:

So here you can see, relax. The price of silver is indeed doing strange things today.

This could be due to the dollar that might recover a bit after hitting the critical level of 90 yesterday on the dollar index.

To blame etoro without checking the facts is a bit stupid. Maybe dont trade with x400 leverage. This will be way better for your stress levels.



Platinum price – Monday 8 January 2018

I’m going to do a daily platinum price prediction and see if i’m correct or wrong at the end of the day.

Today I think the dollar is oversold, the rand is also oversold ( I mean the rand is too strong against the dollar currently).

Platinum is heading for $970, actually that is where its at but this is where I think it will fall.

The resistance at $970 is pretty clear, although i dont really know how strong it is.

I got a couple of nice trades on platinum a few days ago.

I’m actually hoping that it drops to around 920 where I think its a good buy.

Please note. This is not trading advice, only my opinion.