Online marketing in South Africa – A company has no face

So, as i mentioned earlier I worked in the online marketing industry in Cape Town and South Africa and what a different world that is. I prefer news but if you are good at something (unlike me at writing) then why not make money from it?

To be honest, 3 years ago things were different. Facebook was just starting to be realised. Blogs were still a thing and video blogs including other types of videos were still in the beginning stages of being just about everywhere.

Today Facebook is a giant and those that took the advantage from the growing troll under the bridge by now must have plenty of followers. I chose not to. I knew depending on Facebook would kill the uniqueness of what blogging used to be. Now, the last time i checked Facebook has like 1/4th of the internet traffic and old time bloggers that used to rely on Google for their traffic is now finely engrained in Facebook.

Yes, blogs used to be a thing (so was my grammar, now not so much). Blogs used to be the starting point to explore greater subjects and the path for businesses to expand. Before Facebook obviously.

Facebook however did a whole lot of magic to mess with how things worked. You know, the blogging thing.

A company today relying on just Google for traffic might have a lot of issues because where expert Googlers were a vast minority the same is not with Facebook. The average Facebook user now can find a business or a company without the help of Google by using the search bar. Facebook already knows everything about them so you know, they will get the results. (never mind privacy issues)

So today, a company that is not basically entirely focussed on Facebook is a company with no face. A company with no big Facebook profile is almost invisible. I still wont use Facebook as it represents a heap of privacy issues.

Those privacy issues might also mean the downfall of Facebook but that is a subject for another day.

Point is, Right now Online marking in Cape Town and South Africa and even the rest of the world is a dead horse, unless you know how to use Facebook or are a real expert in Google.

Not saying I am but you can give me a try.