The Dollar is resisting the 90 level

The dollar is falling, some say the dollar is crashing and I myself shorted the dollar.

The dollar however is having none of that. It just wont seem to break the 90 level.

The dollar is going down due to the fact that the BRICS nations namely South Africa, Brazil, Russia, India and China wants to form a gold standard on their own.

Not entirely a gold standard but for us uneducated peasants that is the easiest way to understand it.

The way it works is that Gold currently has the price set from a small room somewhere in New York where a bunch of old men with cigars in a dark room decide what they want to be the gold price today. (not really, but this is the best way to imagine it).

So these people manipulate the price of gold and the people that actually have gold are fed up with it. The BRICS nations.

So these nations want Gold to actually be worth what it really is worth. Thus they will form their own way of basically measuring the price of gold.

As far as I know they want the petrodollar gone and if you can use gold you can go around the petrodollar but then gold must be the correct price and not controlled by some dark room in the middle of New York.



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